Whether you have a full denture or a partial denture you are probably sick of having teeth that move when you eat, laugh, or talk.Dont worry there is hope! Dump your old Dentures and get some dental implants that will secure your teeth in place!

If all teeth are missing in either of the arches, a permanent implant supported bridge can be given over the implants. The no. of implant needed depends on case to case. This is very similar to dental crown and bridge except that this bridge is attached to dental implants instead of natural teeth.

The procedure is similar to implant placement except for the fact that it takes few months for the entire treatment to get over.

During the waiting period of usually four to five months, the patient wears a temporary removable complete denture. After the waiting period is over and the implants are properly integrated to take up biting forces, the permanent dental bridge can be attached over the implants. These implant supported bridges can greatly enhance your health as the implant act like natural tooth’s roots and stimulate the jaw bone.

fitting dentures

Periodontally compromised case where all teeth where removed and replaced by implant supported bridge (also called as Hybrid prosthesis).

Let’s get that smile back!! Get in touch with our dental experts to know more about Implant Bridges.

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