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1.We have been ranked as 2nd best Dental Clinic by Times of India. 2.National Doctor's Day 2017 was celebrated at Ambur Dentistree, Honouring the Physicians at Ambur.

Dental hospital who provides secured treatment to the patients and make your environment healthy by giving beautiful smile. We are also providing treatment based upon latest technologies like CAD CAM, laser technologies etc.

root canal treatment in chennai

Our Best Laser Root canal in chennai will provide you a beautiful smile with excellent perfect treatments. This endodontic treatment will help you to remove the cavities from the tooth without affecting the adjacent tooth.

Now let us see about some interesting facts about the Root Canal Treatment

What is a Root Canal ?

Thus the central part of the tooth which contains vital issues, it consists of pulp including nerves and vessels. The interior part of the tooth also contains pulp and it will form root canals.

How can i find Root canal infection ?

  • Sharp and intense pain
  • Got tenderness while eating hot or cold foods
  • Swelling in Gums near an infected tooth
  • Dull ache or pressure when you bite down

Why teeth needs root canal treatment ?

If the tissues in the root canal got infected then we have to go to treatment and to avoid tooth decay, if it is unleft it will get affect on to the bone immediately. So make an call to get appointment.

Methods in root canal treatment

Local anesthesia is given to make numb around the affected tooth , a small opening is made on back of the tooth to remove the dead nerve. The affected area will be cleaned and sealed to avoid infections in future.

Results after Treatment

For few days you can feel sensitiveness and pain on repaired tooth, you can overcome this situation by following our experienced dentist advice. Follow the procedures what ever dentist has given to you to recover from your tooth problems.

Thus our laser Root canal treatment in chennai will provide you a perfect way to create a beautiful smile through endodontic treatment.

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