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Zirconia Crown

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Zirconia Crown

Zirconia Crown dental clinic in Chennai

Zirconia Crown Dental Clinic In Chennai – Make a Crown For Tooth

We the best zirconia crown dental clinic in chennai will be there for you whenever your tooth is decayed or injured but not lost, a dental crown is the best possible to restore its structure and function of teeth

Crown is the one type of “Cap”, it is an man-made tooth used by ZIRCONIUM to cover the injured tooth. It encircles the prepared natural tooth, thus giving it back the natural appearance of teeth.

Various Reasons behind the Crowns

  • After Root Canal treatment commonly to reinforce the strength of teeth
  • When your tooth is discoloured, crown is the best alternative solution for tooth and appearance is good  
  • Dental crown is strengthen the tooth and does not lose your shape or structured  
  • Over an implant to provide tooth like shape & structure
  • Lost your tooth, Crowning is the possibility to replace the tooth of shape or structure.
  • For proper alignment of teeth to enhance the cosmetic appearance (digital smile makeover)

Many types of crown done, but with increased esthetic needs of the tooth colored or the metal free crowns are the ones being used long-life.

Dentistree offers the Zircon Crown.

ZIRCON(Zirconia Crown Dental Clinic In Chennai)

One of the metal free crowns made up of the element – ZIRCONIUM that has properties similar to diamond i.e. it possesses both strength & beauty.

These are biocompatible crowns that are very strong & resistant to corrosion unlike metal crowns. They help in facilitating perfect esthetic results since its optical properties are similar to natural tooth. These crowns are fabricated by using the CAD-CAM technology giving the desired strength, fit, function & esthetics.