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We stay grounded and keep growing

Twenty years back, two dental surgeons had a vision to provide the best dental care to the residents of Chennai. Today, after skillful execution of that vision, Dentistree has spread its roots in the grounds of the city, providing a multitude of services in various fields of dentistry, aspiring to become a chain of the best and most trusted dental clinics in Chennai and other areas around the city.

Qualified Doctors

Deemed as one of the top dental hospitals in Chennai, our qualified doctors provide a range of dental services in all specialities.

Quality Equipment

With our quality equipment, we help our patients save time and energy by avoiding multiple visits to the dentist.

Advanced Dentistry

Get the best of international quality dental care with the combination of European technology and Indian expertise.

Our Services

Our standards have grown with us

In these twenty years of providing exemplary clinical services to our patients, we have outgrown our own standards with each passing year. Today, on our way to becoming the best dental care in the city, we provide dental treatment that is patient friendly and cost-effective with exceptional standards. We do everything from cosmetic dentistry and painless root canal treatment to gum therapy and laser dentistry.

About our Clinic

Serving with a smile

When we embarked on our journey, our vision was not limited by what we could already do. We wanted to go a step beyond. And today, we have branched out to ten different locations to make our services available to everybody.

In keeping with our mission to make our patients feel confident about our services, we have created an ambience built out of trust, assurance and reliance. With the quality of work that our professionals offer, we hope to enhance the lives of every person involved in achieving our mission to become the best dental hospital in the city.

Latest News

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affordable dental implants When it comes to dental care, there are many different options out there, but few offer the permanent solution that affordable dental implants do. Dental implants are a great way to replace missing teeth and restore your smile to its former glory. Unlike dentures and bridges, dental implants are designed to last

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The commonest dental treatment for a painful tooth is root canal treatment when extraction is not the chosen line of treatment.

About 2 decades back one of the most dreaded dental treatments in dentistry could be root canal treatments. Thanks to the advent of high speed rotary dental instruments innovation for its contribution in its excellence in the ease, simplicity and success rate. Extraction vs RCT. As nothing matches original, we advocate retaining one’s natural tooth

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