Laser Dentistry


Laser Dentistry


Laser is a technological invention which has taken the whole world by storm and dentistry is no exception to its versatile applications. The ability of the laser beam to deliver focused energy is put to use in different dimensions of dentistry.

We, at Dentistree, offer quick and painless gum treatment using laser technology. The laser gum treatment is used for treating moderate to advanced periodontal diseases.

The first step towards treatment of early periodontal disease is usually deep cleaning. It involves cleaning of the root surfaces below the gum line of your teeth to remove the calculus and reduce the germs on the root. It is also known as scaling and root planning. This treatment attempts to stop the infection from progressing. However, it cannot regrow any lost bone or gum tissues or close pockets that have been formed. Bacteria can still collect in the spaces between the tooth and gum, allowing germs to multiply and attack the collagen and bone again.

If this early stage of gum treatment does not work or the disease is moderate to severe, then a gum surgery is suggested.

There are two kinds of gum surgeries; a traditional surgery and a laser surgery.

Traditional periodontal surgery involves the use of a blade to cut the gums and access the tooth root. It involves root cleaning, bone shaping, and then stitching the gums back together at a lower level. The gums may be cut down to reduce the height of the pocket. The gums may be shorter after cutting the healthy tissue which may cause tooth sensitivity because more of the tooth is exposed, and it may not look aesthetically good. The traditional gum surgery has certain drawbacks that can be overcome with the use of laser.

Non-surgical laser gum treatment:

The second and more modern option for treating gum disease is non-surgical laser gum treatment. The non-surgical laser gum treatment is a minimally invasive procedure that is much safer and less painful. Laser gum treatments use laser light to selectively remove the diseased, inflamed gum tissue, and leave the healthy gum tissue alone. No cutting is necessary, and there is very little bleeding. Laser gum treatments are performed without pulling the gum tissue back away from the jaw. This non-surgical gum treatment also uses the laser light to seal the blood vessels and nerve endings during the procedure and is critically important because it significantly reduces pain after the procedure and allows patients to return to normal activities immediately. The other advantage is the laser’s ability to kill bacteria on contact. This leaves the treated area free of bacteria which promotes more rapid healing of the treatment area. The wonderful part of having laser gum treatment is that you are able to return to normal activities immediately with no dietary restrictions.