Smile and Full Mouth Correction


Smile and Full Mouth Correction


Our expert doctors assess your condition initially and take the necessary records and give you the right ideas to give your smile a makeover.

There are various procedures involved in smile designing such as:

  • Composite laminates
  • Ceramic veneers
  • Metal-free crowns CAD-CAM crowns
  • Short term orthodontic braces
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Tooth lengthening and surgical correction of lips and jaws
  • Tooth contouring and Shaping with life like crowns
  • The width and height of your smile, your natural skin tone, the amount of gum and tooth display while you smile all those factors are taken into consideration when deciding your ‘ideal smile’.

Cosmetic dentists along with a team of specialists work together in achieving the valuable smile that you have always wanted. The ultimate results will be decided once the patient and the team of doctors have agreed upon based on the patient’s exact needs.

Composite laminates

Composite laminates are a type of tooth-coloured restoration which aims at correcting dental deformities and discoloured teeth. These composite laminates do not involve laboratory preparation and can be applied directly onto the tooth’s surface.These can be given instead of old fractured fillings especially for the front teeth. To improve the lives of these laminates, the patient might have to visit the Dentist every six months for a checkup.

Ceramic Veneers

Ceramic veneers, unlike composite laminates, have to be fabricated in a laboratory and are cemented onto the tooth’s surface using appropriate adhesive resins.These ceramic veneers are ideal for severe cases such as discoloured teeth, uneven/chipped teeth and in some cases when there is a minimum spacing between front teeth.

Just like any other filling, care must be taken with veneers too, such as avoiding biting anything hard with the restored teeth and grinding these teeth with the natural teeth.

Teeth Lengthening

Teeth Lengthening is also known as crown lengthening. This procedure is done by the best dental surgeon in our smile design clinic for cases where a greater amount of the clinical crown is exposed, either conventionally or using laser, to improve the aesthetic value of the patient’s smile. In many cases, short clinical crown height or a ‘gummy smile’ leads to an un-appealing look and in turn, forces the patient to smile unnaturally.

Crown lengthening is done by a periodontist. The necessary X-Rays are taken to assess the amount of available crown height. The advantage of using laser for crown lengthening is lesser to almost no bleeding and chairside time. The surgical cut is made on the gums to expose more crown height. Once the desired length is achieved the surgical area is washed with saline solution. In case of laser, no sutures will be required.

Surgical correction of lips and jaws

Improving one’s smile also involves altering the position of his or her lips and jaws. In cases of shorter lip length, the upper lip is re-positioned using a laser to reduce the ‘gummy show’. The jaws, when not in alignment with one another can also result in an undesirable smile.

After the routine X-rays, pre-op photos and study models are analyzed, a mock surgery is performed to provide the patient an interim treatment plan.

After this, the required surgery is performed by a panel of experts including oral surgeons, a cosmetic dentists and an Orthodontist to achieve the desired result by the patient.