Are you worrying about wisdom tooth? What it is?

The last molars which is the 3rd one at the back of the mouth are called “wisdom teeth “or the 3rd molars. By data of fossils shows, our ancestors had their 4th set of molars has their wisdom teeth and now evolution tends to extinct even our 3rd molars day by day, thus we tend to lose our wisdom teeth, due to lack of room or space in our jaw.

Why are they called wisdom teeth?

There is nothing being wiser with 3rd molars, it all named as they erupt between 18 -25 years, where growth transition ends our childhood and teens and we become more mature and wiser. For few it never erupts too.
The Wisdom teeth does not have a regular growth pattern, it can partially erupt, fully erupt or even unerupted too. This is considered normally a non-functional tooth, as it does not help us on chewing, unless it erupts in a right pattern and occludes with the opposing antagonist tooth.

What should I know on wisdom tooth extraction?

• No need to wait till the pain arises, a consultation with OPG (full mouth X Ray) will make it clear on taking decisions.
• Can cause all a sudden swelling and severe pain on any important day , which is not predictable.
• Removing all 4 wisdom teeth is always better than doing one by one, as recovery period remains the same and one regimen of medications are enough.
• No panic! all 4 wisdom teeth can be done under conscious sedation (sleep dentistry).

Post-Operative Instructions to Follow

• Do not gargle for a day after extraction, which disturbs the clot and starts bleeding.
• Use ice pack externally, to reduce swelling and pain.
• Take medications as prescribed by dentist.
• Brush and rinse with warm saline gargle from the next day of procedure.
• Avoid hot and spicy foods for 2 days.
• Advised suture removal after a week

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